Our Solution

We provide Home Buyers with ‘Instant’ Connectivity and Communication to Active,
On-Duty Agents

- We give agents the tools they need for faster more efficient communication with their clients. This includes a messaging tool, audio calls, showing scheduler, booking tool for rentals, logs of clients interested in the home they are selling and more.

- Agents have to go “On-Duty” when they start the work day. This feature allows the Agent to be Visible and Available to Home Buyers, who are looking for properties, and ‘Instantly’ Connect to call, chat, or text.

- We survey customers to create a profile to help place them in an appropriate home they can afford. This gives the agents the information they need to find them the perfect home for their clients. Our home grown AI help to parse through this data to give the agents a better idea of what the customer is looking for.

-Our tools will help agents to sell home more quickly and at a better price. Our remote lockbox integration allows for our system to control who and when an agent is allowed into a home. No need to play phone tag with the listing agents.

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Key Features

Simplicity, Instant Connectivity and accountability

* Instant connect using our On-Duty communication tool

* Agent Membership is only $30 a month.

* Agents are displayed in their market area 24 hours a day, 365
days a year.

* Agents will be able to advertise themselves and their professional real estate services, in their primary market areas, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

* Agents will be able to display their photo, contact information and professional services profile.

* Agents will be be able display themselves as: 'On-Duty'
when they are available to take calls, show properties,
communicate with active home buyers and conduct real estate business.

* When an Agent goes Off-Duty, they remain displayed and visible in their market area.

* Agents are able to upload all of their property listings, for free.

* All Agent's property listings are displayed 24 hours a day, until sold.