Use of Funds

This is pre-launch use

- Software development: We need to build out our current system to be more expandable to handle 10K plus concurrent users. We need to build out the interface to be more complete. This means building, testing, and redesigning until we get it right. There are many features that we have added to this system, however many need more work to improve ease of use and increase thier utility. We are developing this system to be platform agnostic, meaning it will work on anything. This type of software is what Facebook, Netflix, and others use to handle all the customers and platforms on thier system. 

- Marketing spending in a few markets to help drive a handful of customers to our site in a controlled enviroment. This will be during the Beta launch process. We will market to a very specific target group so we can get good feedback on the system.

- Business developement money. This includes a small paycheck for the management team, lawyer fees, and other business related costs. This money will also be used for travel to recruit large brokers and raise more money for our Live Launch.  

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Our Team

Our Committed Team 

- Investor out of Gainesville, Florida with cash and sweat equity investment. Standing by with a team of 4 developers to continue work.

- Investor out of Tampa, Florida with a cash investment and contact list of over 877K agents.

- New CEO out of Destin Florida.